Christmas Drive

Every year, Foster Care Angels aim to make Christmas a little brighter for vulnerable young people living in out of home care. Historically, we had supported children and young people living in Residential Care Facilities. In 2017, the number of children and young people living in hotels and caravans was published and it deeply saddened us … around 150. So Christmas 2017 we supported these children, as young as 7 years old.

Christmas is, for most of us, a time of joy, family, gifts, and celebrating. To think that there are so many children where Christmas is literally just another day really got to us. We work hard to fundraise and engage with the community to source donations of toys, books, perfume, make up, nail polish, mens cologne sets, puzzles, board games, movie passes, vouchers for activities like the zoo, rock climbing, Featherdale Farm, bowling, laser tag, and other fun school holiday activities. We also seek cash donations to assist with purchasing gaps and delivery costs.

In 2019 we again supported young people and children living in Alternative Care Arrangements.  We were thrilled that with the generous support of our community we were able to distribute over 2,000 gifts to vulnerable children and young people.

Every cent counts! You can make a difference by donating.

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