About Us

Our Mission

There are over 20,000 children living in care across New South Wales. Thats thousands of children living in crisis, often lacking self worth or struggling to make sense of the world.

Foster Care Angels are committed to empowering children, supporting carers and promoting hope throughout foster care and beyond.

Our Vision

To support children and carers within the Foster Care System and beyond.

Our Purpose/Statement of Objects:

  • Provide children with essential and comfort items as they transition into Foster Care
  • Enhance corporate and community awareness of the need to support vulnerable children in the community and their carers
  • Create opportunities for sustainable corporate and community partnerships
  • Instil values of self-worth, belonging and ownership in these children to enable them to realise a positive life story
  • Assist foster families through support and connection to enable them to continue caring for the vulnerable children in their charge
  • Facilitate the transition from Foster Care to independent living