Carers Conference

Foster Care Angels Provides Care for Foster Carers

Held on the Central Coast, our Carers Conferences are located at the stunning Noonaweena five-star resort.  This magnificent property is the essence of luxury and comfort.  With gorgeous, green grounds and fresh, open air, this resort is the perfect location for hard working carers to take some time out and recharge their batteries.

Our Carers Conferences include informative workshops, access to counselling services and the opportunity to connect with other carers in a safe and supportive environment.  Conferences such as these can often boost morale and provide that much needed time out that carers deserve.  Respite opportunities are so important and can be the difference between a placement breakdown and a positive foster placement that lasts the distance.

Noonaweena is the ideal place for carers to unwind and take some much needed time for themselves.  With facilities such as swimming pools, a tennis court, bbq areas, jacuzzi and bush walking and bike riding tracks, carers can find a way to connect to nature and relax the mind.

We are thankful to the owners and staff at Noonaweena for consistently making our Carers Conferences a positive weekend for the deserving carers in attendance. 


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