Fostering Family Training and Support

Our focus has always been on filling the gaps identified in the foster care system.  We are aware of a lack of support for carer families when a placement ends, and this has been stated as a reason for foster carers leaving the system.  There is currently no support provided by agencies or the department when a placement ends which has a negative impact on the children and young people in care as identified by the Miniter Kate Washington in a Sun Herald article dated 3 March 2024 where she said: "Foster carer numbers have plummeted and vulnerable children are paying the price."

Our pilot program "Coping When A Placement Ends" will help foster carers navigate this difficult time and continue caring for the most vulnerable members of our community.

We have piloted a suite of other training courses for carers based on the findings of our research report and abridged versions of these training courses are provided at our Carer Conferences.

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