A-Maze-In Mind Program

The "A Maze In Mind" Mental Health and Resilience Program is an early intervention education program, designed to support young people, and provide vital life skills needed to navigate their way through this period, and successfully transition to higher educational, vocational training and ultimately employment. High school is a significant stressor for many young people, as is the longer-term effects of Covid. Navigating academics, relationships and social media is hard. Young people are not adequately equipped to manage the turbulence of adolescence and without proper supports, often disengage from school and society and struggle with mental health issues.

The program educates and empowers young people in essential life skills. Mental health and well- being of young people are paramount. We educate participants on the signs of mental illnesses, strategies on how to cope with mental health issues and where additional help and support is available to enhance their resilience. We also talk about goal setting, healthy relationships, self-care strategies and ways to build a resilience tool kit.

The engaging program is written and regularly updated and enhanced by a professional and experienced counsellor, specialising in mental health in young people. The accompanying books, in a magazine format, and App contain interesting articles, hints and tips, can add to existing resources. The magazines and App have been developed in response to young people, and how they want information delivered, in a "show, don't tell" model. 

Our app is now available on both iOS and Android APP Stores!  Simply scan the QR code to be taken to the relevant link to download the app and request login details.

Our app is now, and always will be 100% FREE.

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