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Care Packages For Kids

Entering into foster care for the first time is a daunting experience for any child. Often the child will leave home with little or no possessions, and no idea what the future holds.

By gifting just a few small items we can give the child a sense of self-worth and independence during a time of great stress.

Each of our packages is hand assembled here in Sydney, and created with the child’s age and gender in mind; each backpack includes essential toiletries, school supplies, toys, books and a comfort item.

Care Packages For Kids
Computers For Kids

Computers For Kids

Helping Foster Children Reach Their Potential

At Foster Care Angels, we believe that all children deserve equal access to education, no matter their circumstances.

We work closely with agencies across New South Wales to provide laptops, school software and technical support to children living in residential care facilities.

Foster children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential, despite their difficulties, and access to a computer can make all the difference. 

Bed In A Bag

The Bed in a Bag program aims to provide personal bedding for kids placed in group homes. Unfortunately not all children in the Foster Care system will be placed with a Foster family. In some cases children from 12 are placed with other children in a group home and cared for by staff.

The Bed In A Bag program provides these children the gift of comfort. Each Bed In A Bag set includes a fitted sheet, pillow, pillow case, quilt, quilt cover and towel.

Visit www.sackme.com.au

Bed In A Bag
Weekend Carers Retreat

Carer Conference

Foster Care Angels Provides Care for Foster Carers

Often, respite services for carers can be the difference between a placement breakdown and a positive foster placement that lasts for years to come.

Foster carers open not just their homes, but their hearts, to children in need. Carers need to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the children in their care. And it can be a tough job – children in care often have emotional, social or health issues, making them particularly care-intensive and sometimes more challenging.

We support carers by organising a weekend away with their partners and other carers. The carers enjoy a 2 night stay at a 5 star resort which is fully catered for, so they can spend their time recharging their batteries, reconnecting with their partners and getting to know other carers, providing a support network that extends past the weekend.

What seems like such a small thing can make the world of difference to a stressed out carer doing their all to support a child (or children) in crisis.

Carry On Watson

Carry On Watson have generously offered to provide luggage to Foster Care Angels upon sale of their luggage under the premise, “buy a bag, receive a bag,” where Foster Care Angels would receive luggage bags sent over to Foster Care Angels dependent upon the sales at Carry On Watson.

Visit www.carryonwatson.com