Therapy Dog

The use of Therapy Dogs is designed to help young people improve their physical, social, emotional or cognitive function. These specially trained and certified dogs help people with a variety of mental health conditions, including PTSD, anxiety, depression and complex trauma. Therapy Dogs are a proven and integral part of the mental health treatment process. In an environment where touch is not appropriate, a dog offers a chance for touch that is calming and helpful. Patting a dog has been shown to decrease stress hormones, lower blood pressure, regulate breathing and release oxycontin.

Our Leaving Care Counselling Program is a 6 week early intervention and education program and is run by qualified and experienced professionals in a variety of settings, including group settings to help young people deal with anxiety, stress, and educate them on a number of mental health issues affecting young people. We offer group sessions for young people, and visit Residential Care Facilities to deliver our program.

‘Angel’, our Pugalier puppy, is currently undergoing the appropriate training, and will become a certified Therapy Dog in 2019. She attends our office two days per week.



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