How Fundraising Can Increase Your University Selection Ranking

How Fundraising Can Increase Your University Selection Ranking

Adjustment Factors, are points that Universities offer and take into consideration as an addition to your ATAR when they calculate your Selection Rank for entrance to certain courses, increasing your selection rank for that course.

Selection Rank = ATAR + Adjustment Factors

So, if you had an ATAR of 92 + 5 Adjustment Factors, your University Selection Rank would be 97. This means you would be treated the same as someone who received an ATAR of 97!

Adjustment Factors can be acquired for several reasons, including excelling in subjects, and volunteer work such as raising money for a charity. Many Universities including UNSW, University of Sydney, Macquarie University and UTS offer up to FIVE bonus points for entry into some of their courses. Some Universities even give early offers of study.

Adjustment Factor Schemes vary between Universities
and courses. Contact the University for more information:




• adjustment-factors-hsc-plus

• undergraduate/admission-requirements/ admission-schemes/year-12-subject-scheme

• undergraduate/getting-in/entry-schemes

• admission-pathways/flexible-study.html


• This is ideal for students in Years 10 and 11 wishing to apply to University

• You can choose how and when you fund-raise

• Applications are made direct to the University

• Foster Care Angels provides a written reference and confirmation of your charity work, as well as a verbal interview with the University on your behalf

• If you are interested in finding our more about fundraising with Foster Care Angels contact Kelly on (02) 9899 6006 or

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